In a word, true fitness is this:


When Darwin explained the ‘survival of the fittest,’ he was referring not to the strongest, but the ones best able to adapt to – or fit – their environment.

Somehow over the years, however, we have worked against evolution and started making our environment adapt to us. And we stopped being fit.

What we are looking for is the ability to a respond confidently to whatever demand is set before us. It incorporates an agility of both mind and body. A willingness to accept any challenge and a foundation for that courage.

And yes – this can be anyone. We are all made of the same core essentials: bones and muscle. Adaptability is not the reserve of soldiers and athletes.

Skeptical? Consider how rarely – if ever – you hear of a toddler with back pain. Or how rarely – if ever – a toddler will have a sore throat from screaming too much. And we all know how much a toddler can scream.

So why do you have a sore back from digging in the garden for two hours when a toddler can dig in the dirt all day and be fine? Why is your voice thrashed after one tense quarter of a football game but the toddler can spin that tantrum out for hours?

Simple. The toddler has not yet learned how to misuse his body.

Which means, it would seem, that our mission at Core Principal is to help you forget all those things you never even knew you learned.

And while you’re forgetting all that, here’s something to remember:

Weight is overrated.

There are people who weigh 350 pounds in the NFL who can move faster than some high school track athletes. There are models and movie stars who couldn’t climb a rope to save their lives.

We’re actually not all that interested in the scale.

Is it a consideration? Sure. Okay. We’ll give you that. There is very definitely such a thing as obesity. But there is also anorexia and bulimia.

Remember: we want you to be fit. Fitness doesn’t care a whole lot about your weight. The snow you need to shovel doesn’t care about your weight. The garden you need to dig doesn’t care about your weight. The groceries you need to lift and the stairs you need to climb really don’t care about your weight.

Will these things be easier if you are leaner? Yes. For sure. But let’s keep the focus on the task and not a tangentially related factor.

Ask yourself:

would you rather have your fitness determine your weight
or your weight determine your fitness?

If you choose the latter – as most do – then your focus is on an external judge. The only thing that matters is the scale telling you the weight you ‘should’ be. Think about that: your happiness and self-worth determined by a clanky thing that lives on your bathroom floor.

In you choose the former, however, get set to have fun achieving new personal bests.  Your focus is on you – how you feel, what you can do today that you couldn’t do yesterday, how you move and how you live.

And of course, if we train you to be stronger, to move faster, more efficiently, covering greater distances with heavier loads in shorter spaces of time, won’t weight loss be a part of it?

Their way it’s all about the clothes. Our way, it’s all about you (and the clothes are a nice benefit!).

Sound refreshing?


We follow the Alexander Technique of movement – a terrific method of centering your movement and developing a kinesthetic awareness that allows your body to work the way it was intended, not the way the 21st century has taught it. We combine that understanding of the body’s own sense of balance and function with the modern principles of cross-training to challenge the individual to improve their health, their awareness, their performance, and as a result, their fitness.

We work from the core to the extremity.

All our work is built around the understanding that the principal aspect of any functional movement originates at the core. Standing, lifting, reaching, climbing, running, pulling, pushing – you name it – everything you do should begin from the very center of your balance.

‘Core’ is often mistaken for ‘abdominals’, or a rockin’ great ‘six-pack.’ But a strong and healthy core is so much more than that. Your core is the entire girdle of muscles working in concert with you hips and spine to support and enable every move you make. If you want to move to a place of  health, strength, and genuine fitness, you need to develop both your core and your understanding of its function.

That’s what we do. No two workouts are the same. There is no routine. There is no boredom. Every day is a new challenge. And always – always – your training is built around a commitment to developing your ability to adapt to and excel in any situation or challenge you face.

Let’s do this.

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