Timothy Deenihan 

…just your everyday actor / writer / university prof / CrossFit Level-1 personal trainer,.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Tim trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. It was there that he was introduced to the Alexander Technique of movement.  Wonderfully liberating for the actor, Alexander Technique opens the individual to a wider range of movement and deeper understanding of their own body and its abilities.

Students of the Alexander Technique will often find that they grow through the course of their studies as much as two inches in height. For Tim, the most obvious benefit was absolute relief from the chronic back pain he had suffered since middle school.

This understanding of not only the athletic benefits of exercise, but the form of proper foundational movement is fundamental to his work as a personal trainer.

Tim has also worked as an actor both in the UK and the US, on stage, television, and in film. He’s been commissioned as a screenwriter for the BBC, while as an essayist, he’s been published in journals on both sides of the Atlantic and, most recently, has been invited to be an early contributor to Medium.com and Sharp Stuff. Additionally, he sometimes teaches at Quinnipiac University, leading a seminar on the formation and influence of the American national identity.

And yes: all of it – the acting, the writing, the philosophy – all of it somehow becomes part of his work as a personal trainer.

Always up for a challenge.

Whether it is carving out a career in the world’s most competitive industry or taking on a 12.5 mile Tough Mudder ™ obstacle course, Tim’s philosophy in one sentence is simply Forget how to quit.

In another sentence, it might be Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Life is short and uncertain, and Tim learned early that the way to live life to its fullest is to commit to your goals and to celebrate the journey.

Which is why Tim was thrilled to have found, studied, and now teaches the CrossFit™ methodology of exercise. No other application of modern exercise principles so perfectly fits his own commitment to developing true core strength and stability along with functional day-to-day application and adaptability.

What don’t you know you can do?

Through his art, his teaching, and his training, Tim’s mission is to expand horizons, to get people to think about things in a different way, to show people a side of themselves they never knew existed and talents they never knew they had. He does it with a commitment to integrity, a deep well of resolve, and a healthy splash of humour.

Some trainers teach you to run, but leave you unable to lift a suitcase onto your bed. Others sculpt you biceps, but leave you winded at the top of the stairs.

By combining the principles of cross-training with a true kinesthetic awareness, Tim is dedicated to making the core principal to all movement – developing  in his clients the kind of strength that can only come from within.

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