Personal Training That’s Actually About The Person

This is personal training of a different sort. We meet you, in your environment, and develop a plan that is specific to your Life

No box-gym photocopied workout prescriptions. No treadmills or machines.


Let’s do this.

First Sesh 

Don’t worry. We’ll be gentle with you. It’s your first time.

This is where we get started. Your first session will involve a detailed conversation about your current life situation – how much time do you have in the day, what exercise are you managing, what does your typical diet consist of? What do you want to achieve and what is currently in the way of that? We want to get the fullest picture of where you are now so that we can know how to move you to where you want to be.

We’ll get in a little exercise to learn your abilities, strengths and weaknesses,  range of motion, and find out what you currently think your threshold is.

But most importantly, we’ll be getting started.

Our first session usually lasts 60-90 minutes.
First Sesh fee: $59 

Personal Training

Okay. Break’s over.

This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, if the rubber we’re talking about is your training shoes and the road is the one outside your door. I meet you in your space – home, park, trail, sidewalk, workplace, you name it. The whole point of this is to help you learn to incorporate fitness into the life you are actually living. We’re not about a 60-minute fitness pill in the gym that lets you think you worked out and earned the right to a fudge-brownie sundae.

We’re making a deal, here. I’m making a commitment to you and you are making a commitment…to you.

There’s three ways we can go about this.

Training Only :

Individual training sessions tailored to your specific abilities, needs, and goals. Want to shift some weight? Put that spring back in your step? Tone those arms? Maybe you want to train up for a 5k, a half-marathon, or a Tough Mudder. Maybe you want to be able to get to the top of the satirs without being out of breath.

Whatever your level and experience, we work together building an understanding of how your body is meant to move (which is probably quite different from how it currently moves) and then get you moving. I will also support you via email and/or text to help motivate you with varied exercises you can manage on your own between our sessions.

Training rate: $99
Block rates available.

Training & Diet Review:

Some experts estimate that 80% of weight loss is attributable to making wiser food choices. If your goal involves anything like significant weight loss, we need to have a serious conversation about how you approach food.

Notice I said ‘conversation’. This isn’t me preaching at you about putting down the Snickers and reaching for an apple. This is a real talk about what you love about food and what that food does to and for you. It’s a talk about coming to love the food that loves you and recognizing that healthy choies actually taste and feel better than the unhealthy ones you may have grown accustomed to.

In these sessions, we incorporate all the same experiences as the ‘Training Only’ session above, but also take time to look at your menu options and choices, as well as make a food plan so that you are not caught unawares and forced to fall back into your old habits.

Training & Diet Review rate: $129*
Block rates available.

Training & the COW:

We don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Most ‘diets’ fail round about Thursday, when you’re trying to juggle a late day in the office, then traffic, then the kids’ with practice or maybe you’re just too tired to properly cook. You want something easy and, unless you’re prepared, easy is where you fail.

It’s time to run your kitchen as if it was a restaurant. Restaurants don’t cook 50-100 meals from scratch every night. They prep. They make delicious food ahead of time and store it in the fridge where it’s ready for a fantastic meal at a moment’s notice.

The COW is the Cook-up Of the Week –  where we turn all that discussion from the Review into a weekly intensive cooking sesh. We’ll take 60-90 minutes in your kitchen, working together , preparing terrific recipes with all the right food you will need to get you through the week while successfully adhering to your new mission of fuelling your body wisely and well.

(We’ll listen to some good music, too.)

Training & COW rate: $169
Block rates available.

Team Training

Got a Tough Mudder coming up? Office dynamic a little flat? Or do you just rely upon safety in numbers?

No problem.

Some people are social animals through and through and the only thing that’s going to get them out of bed or away from the cubicle is the knowledge that there will be someone there to laugh with. Or at.

Small Group or “Boot Camp” style sessions may be booked by the block, specific to the needs of your group. Work out in your back yard, at the beach, the office parking garage, or on the trail – no matter what and where we attend to the abilities of the individual and the dynamic of the group.

Small Groups consist of no more than six members, Boot Camps are limited to twelve members. As with private sessions, we are dedicated to expanding the horizons of the group and exploring what we are capable of, both in our own selves as well as when we come together as a team. These packages are terrific for building camaraderie and trust, both in teammates and in one’s self.

With the exception of charity fundraising events, these sessions must be booked as a block. The number and frequency of classes can be discussed and tailored to best serve the needs of the group.

Team sessions from $149.
Contact us to discuss.

Young Adult Athletic & Personal Training

We face two significant problems with kids health at this moment in time. 

The first is an astonishing level of inactivity which, combined with an astonishing amount of terrible food options, is creating the most unhealthy generation of young people this country has seen.

The second effects those kids who are active, who are involved in sports or physical activity, and yet who do not understand how the body works and so either (at best) train themselves inefficiently or (at worst) dangerously teach themselves the wrong habits which may lead to injuries and pain for a lifetime.

We work with kids to help them understand the benefits of activity performed correctly – “perfecting human movement” and instilling in young people a proper understanding of their bodies’ potential and proper maintenance.

Both private and group opportunities available, by arrangement with parents or guardians.

Rates varied.
Contact us to discuss.
Block rates available.

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