Classes & Series

We're all in this together...

We’re all in this together…

Group Classes

Go on. Challenge your office. Throw down the gauntlet and see who’s in.

Group sessions not only give you the chance to see and learn from others, but also can build a fantastic sense of camaraderie and dedication to something bigger than yourself. And just as with individual sessions, any class can be tailored to the specific needs of the group.

Book a class or group session to

  • Cultivate teamwork in an office.
  • Fund raise for a charity or project.
  • Divide the cost of training among friends.


We are currently building a syllabus for a 6-to-9 week series of classes, looking to combine a touch of science, a bit of philosophy, the zest of a workout, and a whole helping of fun. Watch this space for further developments…

There’s strength in numbers…

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