About Tim Deenihan

Tim has been moving since he was born. But he hasn’t always been good at it.

From the age of twelve, back pain took over most of his decisions about health and athleticism and Tim assumed he was never meant to be ‘fit’. He was told he had a ‘weak back’ and, pretty much, that was that.

It wasn’t until he began his training in the Alexander Technique of movement at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art that Tim discovered a life without regular back pain. Re-learning proper movement (we’re all good at it as babies, we just tend to forget as we adapt our movement to the very unnatural ‘conveniences’ of modern life) and developing a sense of the body’s possibilities as well as expectations, Tim unlocked potential he never knew he had.

Whether using the body in performance as an actor, as an athlete in a Tough Mudder run, or as a husband & dad in a very busy modern family, the principle of originating all movement from the core makes the core principal in everything he does – and all his training.


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