Laugh Your Ass Off

This one is short and sweet. Almost literally. I want you to have fun today. It’s Saturday, after all.

What did Saturday mean when you were a kid? Those of us of a certain age will remember when that was the only time you could catch the cartoons. Before Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, et al. There was a time when such a thing as ‘anticipation’ existed. (I’ll get on that soapbox another day. Today is meant to be fun.)

Saturday was no school. Maybe it was football or baseball with your friends. Or going to the mall. Playing in the woods. Or basketball all day long in the playground. Maybe you chilled and watched a movie with your sister or played video games with your brother. Maybe you went into town. Or got out of town. Maybe you were just hanging out.

The point is, you didn’t work. You switched your mind off and gave it a rest, and no one blamed you for it.

Now, I’d really rather you didn’t sit down and vegetate in front of the TV. I hope you don’t immediately reach for the console and flip on World Of Warcraft or Netflix.

I’d rather you play.

If you have kids, this should be easy. Take them for a walk or head out into the back yard and make sure you don’t fall into the lava. Be a spaceman arriving on a new and unexplored planet. Put a kid, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, on your stocking-feet and raise them up like an airplane.

Remember those simple pleasures?

Here is the news flash:

You do not need the gym.

Seriously. You don’t.

And, in fact, I’d much rather you avoid the gym. I would much rather you teach yourself that fun, and health, and fitness, and laughter, and play are part of your Life — not a prescription that you give yourself in segmented increments scattered where they fit throughout the week.

You’re alive, for goodness’ sake! Act like it!

See you at the swing set…


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