A little truth is a dangerous thing

Congrats to Coke.

No, really. Well done.

It’s not easy to lie to yourself that hard. It takes real determination. Managing to lead a bull through a china shop at the same time as ignoring the 800-pound gorilla takes some doing. So – you know – nice one.

But they are lying.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing healthy about any Coke product. None. Not one.

A can of regular Coca-Cola has nine teaspoons of sugar in it. Nine. Think about that for a moment. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Or tea. How do you take it? One sugar? Or nine?


Or do you go with the diet version? Folks, there is one drink on earth that rightfully has no calories: water. Pass that warm water through coffee beans or tea leaves if you like and you get a pleasing flavour. But, as a terrific mentor said to a colleague, “If it’s not water or black coffee [or tea], and it says ‘zero calories,’ it’s f-ing poison.”


Now here’s the latitude. I’m not telling you to quit the stuff. If you like your Coke, or your Jack & Coke, or your Mountain Dew, or your alco-pop, and you are willing to accept the drink for what it is, go right ahead. It’s up to you.

I have clients who smoke. I don’t tell them not to smoke. They are intelligent, literate people. The evidence is everywhere. If the ravages of lung cancer aren’t enough to make someone quit, my little voice is going to be a storm in a tea cup. They make their choices.

And you make yours.

But don’t lie to yourself in the process. Leave that to Coke.

Or, if you like, watch this.


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