How Two Minutes Can Change Your Life

My part in this is going to be quick.

When you have twenty minutes today (lunch? relaxing after dinner?) watch this video.

Amy Cuddy – Body Language

It is a brilliant TED talk by social psychologist Amy Cuddy on the ways in which your posture changes not only what others think of you, but also – and I would say more importantly – what you think of yourself.

This is no surprise to actors, who frequently can be found backstage or off camera striking the most bizarre poses or performing exercises seemingly totally unrelated to the task at hand. But the science is in: what we do significantly changes how we feel about ourselves, and consequently how we perform any and all tasks (not just Hamlet).

Seriously, watch the video. I’ll wait.

Have you watched it? No, seriously, I’m not kidding. Keep this window open and go watch the vid. I’ll still be here when you’re done. I’m like that. I’m here for you. Now go.

Done? Okay.

Now consider, what kind of pose do the things you do in the normal course of the day force you to take. What is your posture and where is your attention when you are texting? Sitting at a desk? Driving? Playing a video game?

I’m not saying you should completely remove yourself from the modern world, but consider the cumulative effect that this lifestyle has on your life.

And then consider the sort of posture you take walking or running instead of driving. Of standing and talking, instead of sitting and texting. Consider your posture – and its effect – when you lift a weight of any size over your head.

Open up. Live your best life. Starting now.


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