Take It To The Edge

It’s good to hang out on the edges of acceptable society. Especially when you’re grocery shopping.

There are a number of quick rules-of-thumb for the individual who wants to improve their diet. (*quick note: Recognise that I said improve their diet, and not go on a diet. File that in the back of your mind, cause I want to talk about owning your choices in the next couple days…) One favourite is The Grandma Test. If you look at the ingredients of any given food item, would your grandmother know what’s in it? If not, you’ve probably got more late-twentieth century additives than you’d actually like.

And if you have any questions over whether or not that’s really an issue? Click here.

Look, food is meant to be food. Your body, with all its wonderful complexities, actual follows a very basic logic: it wants the best, purest fuel you can give it. Real food that it recognises without confusion.

Here’s another simple rule: When shopping for groceries, keep to the edges of the supermarket as much as possible. For the most part, that’s were all the basic ingredients are. You go in, there’s your fresh fruit and veg. Probably the deli. Some nuts and seeds and dried fruits. Fresh meats and fish along the back. Farther down to the dairy (which I wouldn’t mind you skipping, but we’ll deal with this a bit at a time) and eggs. Yogurt. Juices…

You see? Refrigerated stuff…

Sure you can venture into the middle for things like your spices, coffees, and such. But understand this: Food is meant to be perishable. It is not supposed to have a ‘shelf life’. No one ever plucked a box of mac & cheese from a tree in a grove.

As I’ve said in the past, take this a step at a time. But if you want to start nudging the way you think about how you are actually fueling the finest machine you have, give yourself a little extra time when you next head out to the supermarket. Stop mindless shopping and give your choices some real thought.

Welcome to the edge of the world.


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